Born in Rome and raised in a refined, sophisticated environment between the Roman countryside and the splendid palazzos of the Italian capital, Dianora has always nurtured a love for nature and gardens, – Russel Page designed the garden of the Roman house where she grew up -, art, fine craftsmanship and a certain effortless elegance of the spirit that is deeply infused both in her design aesthetic and in her family history.

Her paternal great-grandmother was Franca Florio, considered by many the most glamorous woman in Italy of her time, while her maternal great-grandfather, Alfredo Frassati, founder and owner of one of Italy’s most important newspapers, La Stampa, was a refined and enlightened intellectual.

A chance encounter with a talented, ingenious artisan and entrepreneur introduced her the doors of the world of textiles, igniting a passion in her that profoundly influenced the course of her career.

Dianora deep dived into her family’s archives, – part of which are now kept at the Vatican and at Pisa’s Scuola Normale Superiore, – where she found a seemingly endless source of design inspiration starting with Jacopo Salviati, one of her Florentine ancestors, who had established the prestigious Arte della Lana back in the XV century.

Over the following year, Dianora combined her passion for textiles, the inspiration coming from her family’s archives and her access to Tuscany’s finest hand-weavers and established her namesake brand.

Today the Dianora Salviati label is well-known for its sustainable approach, where quality, respect for the environment and social awareness harmoniously co-exist.

Through her unique use of the most noble fibers (linen, cashmere, silk and wool), hand-woven on wooden looms, she creates very special scarves, often finished with her signature hand-painting. This approach, mixed with her impeccable eye, helped the brand turn the scarf from a mere fashion accessory to a distinctive luxury item, sold in the most sophisticated stores across the globe.

Dianora’s patterns and colors are inspired not only by the Italian tradition but also by her passion for travel to off the beaten path destinations, like India, Colombia, Mexico, Iran and Ethiopia, amongst others, places whose beauty and culture have influenced many of her collections over the past two decades.

Dianora lives between Migliarino, Italy, and NYC, two very different, but extraordinary places. In Migliarino where she resides in her family’s estate surrounded by a pine forest overlooking the sea, she oversees the production of her collections under the influence of the changing colors of the seasons. NYC, on the other hand, gives her that boost of energy needed to be able to constantly challenge herself and come up with new inspiring ideas.

Along with the main collections, the brand also develops a range of limited-edition projects, including a line of kaftans, and a range of revamped vintage silk scarves that have been extremely successful.

Dianora Salviati also collaborates with several designers in different fields, from fashion to interior design, including creating custom blankets for sofas, boats and private jets.


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